“For more than 20 years, PAVC has reached out to victims of violence, providing support and information when it is most needed. The dedicated staff and volunteers of PAVC are an inspiration to all of us. The progress that is being made in strengthening the voice of the victims of crime would not be possible without their help. We are pleased to count PAVC as a partner in ensuring that victims are treated with dignity and compassion.”

Honorable Greg Abbott
Texas Attorney General




Every 3 ˝ minutes, a violent crime occurs in Texas. One or more people become victims and need our help. As a non-profit volunteer organization, PAVC has limited resources, but we help as much as possible by:

  • Crisis intervention counseling;
  • Follow-up contact;
  • Information and referral;
  • Assistance filing compensation claims;
  • Criminal justice support and advocacy;
  • Accompaniment (e.g., court, hospital, law enforcement)
  • Personal advocacy
  • Assistance filing victim impact statements;
  • Provide technical assistance to support and expand statewide awareness and outreach;
  • Providing post-conviction information; and
  • Assist victim in ensuring they are well informed about victim’s rights.

Major Accomplishments

Our members work hard to improve the criminal justice system for victims throughout Texas. Some of our accomplishments include:

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